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Re: Jam Man Footswitch

agreed...the midi pedal really opens up the jammie for more 
fun...much more liquid with the fades and all that.  dropping in and 
out of overdub and fading/stop fade/fade makes for better textural 
landscapes than you can ever get with the regular footswitch.

however, i'm curious...i use the fs300 for another piece of gear. 
what do each of the switches do on the jammie?  i'm guessing tap, 
reset and ?



>You can use any kind of "non-latching" switch, I just
>started to use a Digitech FS300 and works much-much
>better that the original Lexicon footswitch, but, the
>best thing is to use a MIDI pedalboard ¥cause in that
>way you can access all the functions in loop mode
>without touching the front knobs and also you can
>access some "hidden" functions like control over 3
>different fade times for your loops.
>--- Andy Soto <smaug@servidor.unam.mx> wrote:
>>       what kind of footswitch I could use for the Jam
>>  man?
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