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Re: Jam Man Footswitch

--- rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com> wrote:
> however, i'm curious...i use the fs300 for another
> piece of gear. 
> what do each of the switches do on the jammie?  i'm
> guessing tap, 
> reset and ?

Yes, Tap, Reset and... Tap again, the "C" switch
access the same function as the "A" switch but I
havenīt had the time to make a special cable which I
think it could work like an "Y" cord in which the "C"
switch goes to another jack end and into the
"function-select" jack and choose one of this to
control it with the extra "C" switch, the same for the
Vortex, Iīve used the FS300 with it too.

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