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Re: Hanna-Scarlet Manifesto

Stop it.  Stop it right now.

This list, bless the switches, hubs and cables that enable it, is a
gracious haven of good music and good will.  Please do not spoil it by
continuing what could be--and I am not making accusations yet--an atrocious
flame war.  Commercialism is frowned upon, though self-promotion not
always.  Ideas are bickered over, but without acrimony.  I love this list,
though I don't actually contribute that often myself.  Still, it's a
resource, a release and a retreat for me and probably hundreds of others.
Don't spoil it.

I will look out for you in the July EM.  Good luck in your endeavors.  Keep


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please let me know where i can buy records,
i would like to purchase them all

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> Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:57:14 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Hanna-Scarlet Manifesto
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> i assume you have to be this moronic to get a record label deal.
> Hello All,
> My artist name is Hanna.
> I've been using the SP-808 since it came out.
> I have a full length drum and bass CD out now
> that was exclusively recorded on the SP-808 as the
> multi track.
> I was interviewed for the July issue of ELECTRONIC
> MUSICIAN magazine 2001 (Pro/File section) on how I
> recorded the CD which is called SCARLET MANIFESTO.
> It is on SHADOW records label.
> If anything it's a collectors item for SP-808 users if you're
> not into drum and bass.
> Give it a listen. You can get it at most record stores and online
> Tower, Borders, Amazon.com, CDnow etc.
> Hanna-Scarlet Manifesto.
> (I also have other releases in the house & techno genre)
> If anyone is interested I'll email you my discography.
> (all my recordings are on the SP-808)
>                                          ---late,
>                                                  Hanna