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Re: Hanna-Scarlet Manifesto

i don't usually post "me too" replies, but this one is called for...
(besides, what is a loop without repetition anyway?)

me too

> Stop it.  Stop it right now.
> This list, bless the switches, hubs and cables that enable it, is a
> gracious haven of good music and good will.  Please do not spoil it by
> continuing what could be--and I am not making accusations yet--an 
> flame war.  Commercialism is frowned upon, though self-promotion not
> always.  Ideas are bickered over, but without acrimony.  I love this 
> though I don't actually contribute that often myself.  Still, it's a
> resource, a release and a retreat for me and probably hundreds of others.
> Don't spoil it.
> I will look out for you in the July EM.  Good luck in your endeavors.  
> looping,
> L