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sales spam- mixers/efx

theres been some talk of using mixers in your rig lately and I have 2
for sale that I have used in a gtr/synth/loop rig, I thought I'd offer
them up to see if they can be of good use to someone here

         Yamaha KM-802, small desktop case, easily fits on rack shelf,
very narrow
8 ch's, 2 w/ preamps, the thing that makes this cool is 3 auxes ea w/
indiv control
good condition, great for using in gtr amp loop, runs at low levels

    PV valvex TUBE mixer, this is a really great mixer for instrument
6 ch's, 1 efx snd w/ stereo ret, very warm, very quiet, very clean,
highly recomended
pushes a power amp very nicely, I used this w/ a marshall 8008 and it
sounded great

I also have a Korg A2 for sale, this is a great multi efx, functions
well as a do it all unit for loops or has stellar performance as a
processor in any environment, sonic character head and shoulders above
an awful lot of the available processors, I got an A1 so its no longer
needed, love the sound of these!

if your interested email me OFFLIST for details, a sales notice is one
thing but I'll try and make sure this isn't intrusive

peace  ya'll         steve