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MIDI groove machine application ?

Hello Loopers!

I'm trying to find a way to switch between separate, looping,
multi-track MIDI sequences within a consistent groove.  I have found no
way to do this in my main sequencer, Digital Performer, only people to
commiserate with about the lack of such a (IMHO) fundamental feature
(one found in most drum machines).


I have heard that the late Opcode Studio Vision could do this sort of
thing somehow.  I am considering dedicating an old powerbook to the task
of running it. Can anyone tell me how to get the last version of the
program, and how late a version of Mac OS I can have and still run it?


Can anyone suggest an alternative?  I hear that MAX would be a good
platform to use to build such a program, yet I am not interested in
learning to program (in MAX or any other language).  I prefer to
concentrate on practicing and composing music.

All help and kind vibes are welcomed with deep gratitude.


eric oberthaler
(music within)