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Re: Italian Cycloops


thanks for the directions to some of your tunes.  got a chance to 
listen to both of them.

not exactly my cup of tea, but nice production.  i liked your duo 
piece much better than the quintet.  the quitet piece doesn't go 
anywhere really interesting, and i didn't hear anything that seemed 
like "unorthodox signal processing", although 22hz mp3's don't do 
much for nuances.  in your piece a nice ambience is set...like the 
drums and the fluctuating panning that happens to them.  then end 
where the guitar starts doing those fast trem bends...or that could 
be some signal processing...don't know...kinda interesting.

i'm definitely not the guy who's into what myself and friends would 
call "widdly widdly shit"  all the scale pyrotechnics and chops and 
such...seems like you're into that stuff, i would guess...could be 
wrong there.

and thanks for the english only insults...you seem like you're so 
intelligent and well read and smart enough to understand muliple 
languages, complex signal flows, etc.  which leaves me wondering why 
you feel you need to lash out your sometimes overbearing opinions at 
this list...?  oh sorry...somebody asked you to translate something 
about some crappy piece of gear that you say you don't care 
about...and then some american monolinguistic chump questioned you on 
your interpretation...(gasp, the horror)

poor guy...slumming with the idiots.


>I added that part, in consideration of what was written there! It is
>obvious, even from the capital letters I used.
>Now, Rich, I simply don't care about it. I don't know that box so I don't
>know if it'good or not, neither I care for that.
>I f the guy,DJlatino, wrote that "review" without checking the
>unit...well...he is an asshole ! ! !
>If the box sucks it sucks, if it doesn't IT DOESN'T....I added a SHORT and
>FAST sum of THAT crap on that page.
>You figure out if it works or not. The review didn't have only concerns
>about price and some limitations...it REALLY says DON'T BUY IT...IT?S A
>WASTE of MONEY!!!! You get this or you want me to translate that in LATIN 
>ANCIENT GREEK for you? If it does or not...I don't know...probably it
>doesn't...probably it sucks...you check it out.
>if U are really interested in my music...go to the profiles area of this
>list and get the link to my webpages...it's in English...for those of you
>that speak only that in year 2001.