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Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

I'd just like to say this

I have the full version of cooledit pro with updates that I BOUGHT and I am
happy to say that you can't do what you want to do because you have a
pirated version hehehe unlike me I can.

Thankyou and good night
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Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 10:53 AM
Subject: Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

> At 7:05 AM +0800 4/27/01, L. E. wrote:
> >about the cracks and pirate issue.... I feel that without these apps
> >i would have no chance to complete projects that require these
> >expensive tools.
> And what is your point here? That your need to "complete projects"
> justifies your theft of another persons creative output? Weak.
> >While im sure there are some app developers on this list, im also
> >sure the corporations make enough money with out the sale they would
> >have never had.
> Most musical software companies are relatively small, founded by
> people who were passionate about doing the thing their software was
> designed to do.
> At the _very_ least, your attitude disrespects these people who are
> trying to make a living creating the programs that you use.
> Music software is not going to make anyone very rich.
> >piracy i believe requires me to make money using this product, or to
> >make copies and sell them.
> Are you arguing for some sort of "fair use" interpretation of the
> copyright law? If I read what you wrote correctly, your position is
> that it's not piracy unless you make money with, or sell copies of,
> the software in question. Get real.
> And then, in another message you write:
> >Anyone have any full/cracked versions of other fun music softwares?
> >im down to do a trade with my cool edit pro (worth i belive about
> >350$)
> Here you are trying to use one piece of stolen software as something
> to barter for more of the same. You even acknowledge the value of the
> software you are trying to trade. Even by your own definition,
> haven't you entered the realm of piracy with this offer of trade?
> >What im really trying to do is setup a semi working studio that i
> >can make tracks with a lil less pain then its causing me now.
> >
> >i hope someone can give me some productive answers!!!!!
> Get a job.
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