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Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

Man, you are ridiculous!!!!

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Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 1:05 AM
Subject: Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

> well im used to list ettiquete being on a rave list myself...
> you havent seen ego wars till you see rave promoters going at it in sf!
> about the cracks and pirate issue.... I feel that without these apps i
would have no chance to complete projects that require these expensive
tools. While im sure there are some app developers on this list, im also
sure the corporations make enough money with out the sale they would have
never had. piracy i believe requires me to make money using this product, 
to make copies and sell them.
> What im really trying to do is setup a semi working studio that i can 
tracks with a lil less pain then its causing me now.
> i hope someone can give me some productive answers!!!!!
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