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Re: Line 6 Filter modeler

but wait until you can go to the store and run YOUR sound and playing 
style through the darn thing.  The DL4 rocks, and i went back to get 
the MM4 but found it very milquetoast...

however, the Distortion Modeler smokes too.  I'm just not using 
distortion enough anymore to justify it.  If i was, though...it's 
very sweet.

Go try it yourself when it hits the shelf and then we can all bitch. 
Also, although Line6 seems VERY interested in an upgrade path for 
their Pod and Flextone line of products, the modeler pedals and their 
AX2 amp don't seem to garner the same attention.  I wouldn't expect 
that L6 is going to alter the stompboxes much from a few bad comments 
from us... who knows, though?


>I'm with everybody..............perhaps we should forward all of these
>e-mails to them.   They are a cool company and
>I, frankly, was really looking forward to this pedal.       What should it
>have in it?     What's specifically wrong with it?
>Let's let this cool company know what we think.     Here's to working with
>the manufacturers so that we can get the cool
>shit that we covet!!!
>yours,   Rick Walker