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Re: Concertloop

Yes, definitely interested.  I've been starting to steal away my 
wife's powerbook G3 occasionally and having a blast.

Thanks to the list for pointers to ProTools FREE.  Zowee...what 
people give away these days amazes me.  I've been using the pitch 
shifting to retune some tones up to proper pitch for a friend of mine 
and it's working great.  Anybody using this version of the program on 
a mac laptop?  Can someone maybe give me a hand getting the midi sync 
to work and lock onto MTC?  if so, please contact me off list.  Does 
Digidesign offer any technical assistance on a Free product?


>Hi Ivan!
>Congratulation on your performance!
>I'm always interested in what folks are doing.  Though I'm Mac-less I'd 
>to hear about your application and I think several others on the list 
>too.  I know lots of folks here are Macified and would probably be
>interested in your app.
>Dennis Leas