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Re: Line 6 Filter modeler

At 4:39 AM -0700 4/30/01, Rick Walker (loop.pool) wrote:
>perhaps we should forward all of these e-mails to [Line6].   They 
>are a cool company and I, frankly, was really looking forward to 
>this pedal.

Hard to say how Line6 responds to customer feedback. I had some 
correspondence with Steve DeFuria a while back, specifically about 
their stomp boxes. I commented on the limited number of presets 
supported and I made some suggestions about the design of a pro 
version of same (along the lines of the POD Pro). His response was 
terse and noncommittal: "I can't comment on what we may (or may not) 
have under development, of course,  but it's always good to get 
feedback about our products.  We value your comments and suggestions."

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202