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Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

Well, basically i asked for a really common option:

"Dry Signal" ON/OFF

This is a fundamental requirement in the most audio routings.
If the dry signal runs to the A/D converter and then it's reconverted 
thru the D/A one, it would be a quite simple task to add this feature 
to the OS of Repeater, as it is usually stored as General Settings, 
and it's not preset-relative, isn't so?

Is this something to hope for the next future?



>For a basic setup without a mixer, where you might just have 
>something like  Guitar -> looper -> amp, you are right you 
>definitely want the direct sound to go through. But I think that is 
>also where a mix knob is most handy. It does a simple version of 
>what you guys are able to do with your mixer. (normally, anyway.) 
>At some points you will want whatever you are playing to blend into 
>the loop more, so you'll be wanting an even mix, and other times you 
>might want the loop to be back a bit so you can solo over it, or 
>maybe you want the loop louder so the new things you are adding are 
>not so obvious until they are in the loop. For the people who don't 
>have the refrigerator racks of doom that you guys use, the simple 
>little mix knob does that for them.
>I'm not a dj, but I know they like to play with the crossfade a lot, 
>which is also basically a mix knob. So I would think it's the same 
>deal there.
>I haven't used a repeater, so I don't know, but it seems to me that 
>with all those faders and the input level control you could manage 
>just fine for these applications. In fact it may even be too much 
>for the keep-it-simple set. When you are in the middle of a solo a 
>simple mix control is probably a lot easier to deal with. but you do 
>have options here.