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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

> > I notice an interesting thing with a lot of people as they get more 
> > looping. Usually they start off thinking that loop storage is really
> > important. That is usually the stage where they stick to very static 
> > where something is created with an overdub or two, and then left to 
> > as is forever while they play along with it. So they think a lot about
> > wanting to save that loop. (this is usually where the complain a lot 
> > the EDP lacks that feature. :-)  Then as they get more into it, they
> > discover more and more that there is so much creative possibilities in 
> > *process* of creating loops, and manipulating them and evolving them 
>on the
> > fly. The loop at any given point along the way is less of the focus. As
> > they follow that path, they gradually forget about the whole idea of
> > storing loops, because in that context it doesn't really make sense
> > anymore. Instead they think more about recording the whole 
>process as storage.
> >
>and then they think "hey, i could use this approach while i'm creating 
>and then reuse those loops while using another approach."

My issue is lack of time.  I spend a long time on musical things
and if I make prerecorded things, it takes me forever to get one
loop right.  But if I learn to use the tools right then I can generate
music that's "just as good" on the fly.

So I dread stored loops -- a new can of worms, a new thing to
have to *do*!


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