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Re: Two EDPs one feedback pedal

2 EDPs with one switchable feedback pedal.

I'm looking into modifying a Boss FV-50L stereo vol pedal for this 

Is there not an issue with the EDP only deciding if it has a pedal on 
Certainly is with Loop3 , as the Loop/Delay=Out is only available on power 

Using different MIDI channels with Loop3, wouldn't that mean using a MIDI 
splitter to both EDPs instead of chaining.
(apparently not an issue in LoopIV,)  

And will the panel feedback control be deactivated if the EDP thinks it 
has a 

I have an idea to put a switch (maybe 2) on the FV-50L and rewire it for 
so that each EDP is routed to either its pedal pot or full feedback.

Might try to use the pot on the side of the pedal as an alternate 

Won't have time to do this for a couple of weeks at least, but would 
appreciate any feedback on this, and will report back.

andy butler