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Re: expert modified the A/D signal chain (OT)

> andy said:
>  >If you can buy it as a stand alone I assume that means its some kind of
>  >impedance matching interface.
matthias said
>  does not makes sense to me.

If it's standalone it must be  a separate  device, outside of the effect 
be improved.
Therefore any signal must still be going through the input and output 
circuitry of the effect. 
So you can't improve the sound unless the original problem was caused by 
interaction of the effect and whatever was before, and/or after, in the 
signal chain.
In which case the circuits in the signal chain are interacting, which has 
be down to impedance.
So you use the 'standalone' device as a buffer to stop the interaction. 
would have it's impedance designed to make an ideal match. 

makes sense to me

........could still be wrong though:-)

andy butler