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Re: Two EDPs one feedback pedal

At 02:03 AM 10/14/2001, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
>2 EDPs with one switchable feedback pedal.
>I'm looking into modifying a Boss FV-50L stereo vol pedal for this 
>Is there not an issue with the EDP only deciding if it has a pedal on 
>Certainly is with Loop3 , as the Loop/Delay=Out is only available on 
>power up.

no, you can connect a pedal at any time and it is detected, even in 
LoopIII. Just checked. :-)

>Using different MIDI channels with Loop3, wouldn't that mean using a MIDI
>splitter to both EDPs instead of chaining.
>(apparently not an issue in LoopIV,)

there is midi thru, no need for an external splitter. Definitely becomes a 
non-issue in LoopIV.

>And will the panel feedback control be deactivated if the EDP thinks it 
>has a

yes, that is what happens, unless you are in delay mode. Then pedal=input 
vol to delay, and knob=feedback.

>I have an idea to put a switch (maybe 2) on the FV-50L and rewire it for 
>so that each EDP is routed to either its pedal pot or full feedback.

should work. with the stereo out jacks on that pedal, you should be able 
make such a mod pretty easy so that each jack becomes an out to an 
and the switch only has to connect/disconnect them to the pot. You could 
even have a third option with both connected to their respective pot.

>Might try to use the pot on the side of the pedal as an alternate 

maybe you could add midi to it. :-)


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