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Re: Looper development and production costs?

It takes at least four models to cover the market:

The *cheap* one that needs to look funny and do the minimum of the 
kind without study and sophistication. Should be possible to sell a 
million of such loop toys.
(for ex. with a lot of blinking LEDs)

The *serious* one which has all the usefull and hard to use stuff in 
it, but kept at minimum cost.
(for ex. with numeric LED display)

The *better* one which has some little features more than the serious 
one but looks better and costs a lot more. It pays for the *serious* 
one because the internal design can be the same.
(for ex. with alphanumeric LED display)

The *pro* model: any reasonable price as long as quality justifies.
(for ex. with big luminous buttons)

The *fancy* one that has to be expensive and look cool and noble. 
Either many features or just a volume knob. You dont sell many but 
earn a lot on each.
(for ex. with big colour LCD display since the gui never goes on stage 

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