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Re: Looper development and production costs?

this could very well be the longest sentence ever posted to ld...

> questions. People don't know what it's about until spent a month 
> code that was supposed to take only a week tops while being sidetracked
> because someone decided to use anodized screws to make a ground 
> or a silscreen was mis-registered or a PCB run was over-etched or an
> assembler mis-read an assembly drawing or your shop compressor blew a
> head-gasket or the paint mfg discontinued your paint and the replacement
> isn't compatible with your already primed parts or your 2nd-source mfg of
> an IC discontinued production and the main source now has a 2K pc. 
> or there are no memory chips or tantalum caps because the cell phone
> industry has swallowed them all... et al... and to think you could be 
> 3 times as much to write an embedded guidance system for a cruise missile
> and take long sushi/sake lunches and paid vacations. But the music biz is
> so glamorous...
> -hs