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looping a cassette (was- basic loops)

I presume we are talking about the answering machine message cassette
tapes ?
They have a foil strip at the splice point which triggers the winders to
stop at the
"head" of the tape.  One possible way to bypass this (if you are
surgically inclined)
is to cut out the foil section and reconnect the two ends by butting
them up to each
other (not overlapping) and putting a piece of splice tape on the back
side.  If you don't
have professional splicing tape, then use regular 3M or whatever, but
just make sure that
there are no rough edges exposed.

Richard Zvonar wrote:

> At 1:34 PM -0700 5/7/02, angelo valadon wrote:
> >i want to loop a normal audio cassette tape, but i can't figure out
> >how to provide the necessary tension/friction to make the tape spin.
> >once detached from the wheel the wheels of course just turn without
> >moving the tape.
> Loop cassettes are available in various lengths. These will work in
> any cassette deck, with the proviso that they are "single sided" -
> that is the cassette is constructed to run in one direction only and
> you can't flip it over or rewind it.
> In my experience with loop cassettes I've found that there is
> invariably a dropout at the punch in/out point. Perhaps someone else
> has developed some techniques to circumvent this?
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