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Re: basic loops

> i think there's a little "brass" one at radio shack with slots for 1/4 
> 8 inch tape. for
>  whatever reason, the splicing tape they sell is 1/2 inch. who knows? i 
> they figure

In UK there's a chain off retail outlets called Tandy.
I think they're very closely related to Radio Shack in the US.
I refer to them as "Tandy, where nothing works".

Anyway, many years ago bought an editing block there for 
1/8 in and 1/4 in.
An extruded aluminium item.
the 1/4 in. slot was too thick by about 1/32 of an inch
causing bad edits, before I took it back to Tandy to be told
point blank that it was fully functional and I couldn't have a refund.
...so beware cheap edit blocks (although some are fine)

Cassette editing doesn't work well at all (from experience)
you always get a dropout on the edit due to the stiffness 
of the splicing tape, which  reduces the tape head contact. 
I'd suggest a 90 degree edit angle, and as little splice tape
as possible.

Home made short cassette loops do actually work, but if you 
try to record on to them there's always a dropout due to the 
distance between the record and erase heads. 

andy butler