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Re: basic loops

i think there's a little "brass" one at radio shack with slots for 1/4 and 
1/8 inch tape. for
whatever reason, the splicing tape they sell is 1/2 inch. who knows? i 
guess they figure
since maybe .05 of the population has even seen a reel to reel at this 
point they don't need
to bother. they do still have blank reel tape though, so hm.

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> At 5:08 PM -0400 5/7/02, skincage wrote:
> >you'll also find splicing tape and a splicing block there. if you're
> >*really* lucky they'll be clearing them out for like 50 cents apiece.
> I never saw a cassette splicing block. I always have had to make do
> with a regular block and a steady hand. Ever had to splice at DAT
> tape?
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