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Re: basic loops

>>you'll also find splicing tape and a splicing block there. if 
>>you're *really* lucky they'll be clearing them out for like 50 
>>cents apiece.
>I never saw a cassette splicing block. I always have had to make do 
>with a regular block and a steady hand. Ever had to splice at DAT 

Yeah, in desperation I once spliced a DAT with scotch tape and a 
knife, a few hours before the tape was needed for playback in a live 
performance. But my splicing heroics award vote goes to my friend who 
made a four-second crossfade between songs on an analog LP master 
tape. At 15ips. That's a five-foot diagonal cut across a 1/4" tape 
width. This was back in the pre automated-mixing, 
pre-lossless-copying days, when the mix tape was a unique record of a 
performance at the console. He spent all night doing this one splice. 
I forget which record it was, but I'm pretty sure it's something 
you've all heard. The stereo wipe effect during the fade was a cool 

-Alex S.