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FA: Doepfer Pocket Control MIDI surface 16 knobs


Doepfer Pocket Control

A compact & highly flexible desktop MIDI controller.
16 control knobs with medium, smooth feel.
MIDI IN automatically merges with controller messages
- put it in-line with 
your keyboard controller for MAD power live!
Use with hardware & software synths, MIDI mixers,
sequencers… supports 
SoundBlaster/AWE, GM/GS/XG, Rebirth, Yamaha CS1X,
Waldorf Pulse, Ensoniq 
ASR-X, Doepfer MAQ, Kawai K5000, Yamaha 01v.
Send MIDI controllers, mono/poly aftertouch, pitch
bend, RPN/NRPN, XG-
Sysex, GS/XG controllers, program change, even note
on/off.  Use a 
different MIDI channel per knob or the master channel
for all knobs.

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