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Re: speaker frequency response - technical stuff

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From: <JIMFOWLER@prodigy.net>
> why
> or how is it that i see plenty of bass cabs rated 50Hz-
> XkHz? doesn't speaker X need to be rated at least as
> low as the fundamental of the lowest note produced on
> instrument Y?

Frequency response is often specified from the half power points; -3dB 
down at
the low and high ends of the audio spectrum.  Unless otherwise specified.  
players might specify 20-20kHz +/- 0.1Hz for example.)  A response that is 
by 3dB at 50 Hz means that at 41 Hz the response has dropped off a little 
but it's still there.  There will be a response at 20Hz, too.  But if the
response is falling at 6dB per octave (10dB per decade), that means the 
is half that of 40Hz, given equal levels at the input.