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Well, today I got my Boomerang in the mail. I won
it on E-bay, with the shipping and gig bag, the
whole package cost me $399! As far as looping
concerned, this thing totally buries my DL-4.
Obviously, the loop time is longer, and in what
I've done with it so far, I've yet to have the
loop end before I was done putting my initial
idea that I want to start with. Also, when you go
into reverse mode, there's no glitch, like on the
DL-4, ah the luxury of not having the direction
button share it's function with something else.

I'm still using the DL-4 for delay effects,
though. I feel the DL-4's tape and analog delay
models are way better than the delay that's
available in the loop/sampler mode, which is
another bonus of having a seperate looping

I'm still working with it, I haven't played
around with the alternate sampling rates or
anythign like that, I've just used it as it is
straight out of the box. I had to play with the
level controls a bit to get a good sounding
signal, but that's about it. Until I get the cash
together to get more loopers, the Boomerang's
gonna be my main looping device. I may continue
to use the DL-4 for running two loops
simutaneously, but in my initial experiments, the
way I have everything set up (I have everything
running in one signal path straight into my amp),
it seems difficult to keep the live guitar plus
two loops balanced so nothing's overwhelming
anything else. Once I get a a mixer and a cuople
more loopers, I think that kind of thing will be
a little easier to do properly. 

For now, though, I'm quite happy with the

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