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Re: Powered PA speakers?

> inexpensive at a time when I was very broke.  I've played a few gigs
> lately where they were using the Mackie SRM 450s, and each time I've

I have to second Rick's posting of joy.  After doing the first ever 
view looping festival with Rick (who brought his SRM450's) I knew that this
was just what I needed.  When I had the money, I bought one and I can
honestly say that this speaker is a true innovation.   I've actually found
the one mono SRM450 to sound clearer and more accurate than my roommate's
expensive living room stereo system!  Most people wouldn't believe that you
could do an accurate mix on a PA speaker, but these speakers really are 
enough (not for a high end studio quality mix - duh). In terms of sound
quality, I've found that the mackies have two things that I have never 
in other PA's in the price range:  wide dispersion angle, and equal phasing
across the freq. spectrum.  This makes a huge differnence - especially in
difficult rooms.  anyway, enough, you get the picture.