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Re: Powered PA speakers?

hey mark.....i use the mackie srm 450s and i have been very pleased with 
them, their weight is directly proportionate to my age.....i got them for 
both playing gigs and to use as my studio (stereo) speakers, in the studio 
they have to be played a bit too loud to get to their true range (turn it 
down dad!).....to my ear they are pretty colorless so they are great for 
mixing, you get what you hear.....i like em!.....i can not compare them to 
other speakers out there, when they were mentioned on the list in the 
they were given fairly excellent reports so i just bought them sight 
(no comparisons).....they seem extreemly sturdy so i feel very relaxed 
giging with them.....good luck in your hunt.....michael