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Re: Powered Speakers

Oh man!  You're killing me guys! ;^)  Why don't you just pick me up and 
drag me to a music shop? WHY DON'T'CHA?

but more importantly, thank you all for your advise.  I sure do hate it 
when the cheap thing isn't as good as the expensive thing.

Mark Checking To See if His IRS Refund Got Direct Deposited Sottilaro

On Friday, May 31, 2002, at 02:47  AM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:

> Dear Mark,and everybody,
> I own a pair of the Mackie powered monitors (with only 12" woofers) 
> and I
> can honestly say, they have changed my life.
> They are so accurate that you can mix a recording with impunity on them.
> We used them as the only P.A. during our World's First Bass Looping Tour
> with Michael Manring and l.d.ers  Steve Lawson and
> Max Valentino, including a gig at the 700 seat and cavernous Rio 
> Theatre in
> Santa Cruz.
> I have A-Bed them with the JBL Eons and the difference is night and
> day...........you truly do get what you pay for.
> The Mackies' are considerably more accurate.   The Eons are a little 
> louder,
> but I have never turned my Mackies up past
> 12 o'clock and that was blisteringly loud.
> I can't say enough positive things about these speakers.
> Hell, yes I can................... ;-)
> They are lightweight, compact, made of durable plastic (the exteriors) 
> and
> you don't have to lug around a 500 watt amplifier................the
> difference I've notice to my back alone makes them worth the price of
> admission.
> I have to say, also, that I do not miss the subwoofer at
> all.............they go to 40 cycles with a lot of clarity.
> Thumbs up,  Mark................buy 'em!!!!
> yours,  Rick