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Re: EH 16sec delay reissue update, correction.

--- Maneco <manexo@adinet.com.uy> wrote:
> > His stuff looks cool, but no sliders, and his one
> > pedal that has MIDI sync has a price well over the
> > EH16 Reissue's.  He's definitely one to watch,
> that
> > said.
> I try to do my best...sorry if my best isnīt good
> enough...

I'm sorry you misunderstood my statements - I
definitely did NOT mean to imply that your pedals
suck.  If you are wondering why I decided to preorder
the EH16 Reissue instead of get a Manecolooper, it's
because for $399, I'd get MIDI output.  I'm getting
more and more involved with MIDI sequencers so the
MIDI was the deciding factor.  My preference of
sliders over knobs helped in that decision too, but it
would not have been the deal-breaker by itself.  

And when I said you are one to watch, I meant I'm
going to keep an eye on your product line, which I
think looks GOOD.


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