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RC-50: Multiply feature? (overdubbing w/ different lengths)

Hi folks

I'm new to the mailing list. Been occasionally looping
one way or the other for many years (nothing fancy
like the EDP) and - especially inspired by this list -
want to get into looping more.

I've ordered the Boss RC-50 loop station and am
waiting for it. Reading the manual
), I was a bit startled:
If I record a sample ("phrase") and go into overdub,
does that mean I have to stick to the initial phrase
length no matter what?
I wanted to do this: record 1 bar, then overdub
2-bar-pattern, then overdub 4-bar-pattern etc.
Is there a reasonable way (like multiply) to do this?

If not, what are recommended alternatives - other than
sacrificing all the three parallel phrases? 
I can think of this:
- Record samples with length X on Phrase1, record
samples with length Y on Phrase2, then route 1+2 to
Phrase3 and resample 1+2 to Phrase3

Anything more practical?
It would really be a pity because I would like to be
flexible concerning the overdub length.

Nevertheless, I think the RC-50 is doing a lot of
things right compared to RC-20 (3 phrases parallel in
sync, midi sync, stereo!...) and I'm inpatiently
awaiting my RC-50 and want to be ready when it arrives

best regards

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