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Re: RC-50: Multiply feature? (overdubbing w/ different lengths)

Buzap asked about recording overdubs with different lengths in the 
only two hardware instruments that will let you do this now are
the EDP ($900-$1,000 if you can find one)  and the Looperlative ($1500).

There might be a software solution (software folks,  do you want to chime 

or you could use an RC-20 and an RC-50 in series.

Record your first loop on the RC-20 and the resample it four times on the 

I do this a lot with two Line 6 DL-4s but they don't have more than about 
two bars of loop length
unlike the RC-50

The advantage of the RC-20-50 solution is that at any time you can kill the
second loop at the same time you retrigger the first loop (RC-20)
and you, in effect,  go back in time.

One advantage of this is that you really get your timing together to be 
hitting stop with your left foot as you hit play with your right foot 
playing something on top of it.

good luck,   Rick Walker