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RE: Audio Interface for Notebook Users

> From: mark sottilaro
> I'd stay away from USB1 interfaces.

It is true that you should avoid USB 1.0 audio interfaces, but this is
largely a dead issue now.  All modern computers have USB 2.0 ports and
all modern audio interfaces are USB 2.0.

This is one of the reasons "USB" has a bad rap, because everyone
remembers "USB 1.0".  If your gear was built within the last 2 years
and you are running Windows XP, you really have nothing to fear about

The only thing you have to be careful about is combining a mixture
of USB1 devices (like mouse and keyboard) with USB2 devices
on the same hub, because they will force all devices on that
hub to use the slower USB1 data rate.  Also using non-powered hubs
with longer cables can be glithcy.  All of this can be avoided by
simply not using hubs or long cables with your audio interface, plug
it directly into the computer with a 3' cable and you will be fine.

If you're trying to resurrect an old computer as a dedicated audio
appliance, that's another matter.  Stick to PCI or PCMCIA.