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RE: Audio Interface for Notebook Users

You've got to be careful, there are actually a lot of
usb1 devices on the market: 


--- jeff larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> > From: mark sottilaro
> > 
> > I'd stay away from USB1 interfaces.
> It is true that you should avoid USB 1.0 audio
> interfaces, but this is
> largely a dead issue now.  All modern computers have
> USB 2.0 ports and
> all modern audio interfaces are USB 2.0.
> This is one of the reasons "USB" has a bad rap,
> because everyone
> remembers "USB 1.0".  If your gear was built within
> the last 2 years
> and you are running Windows XP, you really have
> nothing to fear about
> USB.
> The only thing you have to be careful about is
> combining a mixture
> of USB1 devices (like mouse and keyboard) with USB2
> devices
> on the same hub, because they will force all devices
> on that
> hub to use the slower USB1 data rate.  Also using
> non-powered hubs
> with longer cables can be glithcy.  All of this can
> be avoided by
> simply not using hubs or long cables with your audio
> interface, plug
> it directly into the computer with a 3' cable and
> you will be fine.
> If you're trying to resurrect an old computer as a
> dedicated audio
> appliance, that's another matter.  Stick to PCI or
> Jeff

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