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Re: BOSS RC-50 vs EH2880

Title: Re: BOSS RC-50 vs EH2880
What I dont't get with this looper is the footswitch control! There is no specification on that?

The 2880 foot controller has 6 buttons:

"New Loop" sets up the unit to begin a new loop. It continues to play the old loop until you press the record button. Pressing the new loop button makes three lights flash rapidly on the footcontroller, as a warning. Pressing "New Loop" again cancels it.

"Reverse" pretty obvious. Works equally well in record and play. Whan synched to MIDI it has a fantastic ballistic - exactly like a tape machine!

"Octave" Drops the loop by one octave... at any tempo. It also halves the tempo of the MIDI clock, I wish it didn't...

"Track Select"  steps through the 4 available mono tracks, enebling recordon them. In stereo mode it selects one of the 2 pairs. Because it sequentially steps through the tracks, the LED lights when track 1 is selected.

"Record" When stopped, pressing this will begin recording at the beginning of the loop, when playing it acts as a punch in / out button

"Play" starts and stops the loop.

I've modified mine a bit, swapping the position of the 'New Loop" and "Track Select" functions and changing the LED colors (red=record, green=play).

The foot controller contains a microcontroller and is powered by the 1/4" mono cable connecting it to the 2880.