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Re: All Access/Echoplex/Prophesy

In a message dated 6/24/06 11:43:59 PM, mmccabe@finleysound.com writes:

Oh.  You are banking up and down when this happens?  Make sure you have
"Bank Style" set to "None".  I think the default is "First" which will
send the MIDI data of the first patch in the new bank.  Page 14 in the
manual has more info.

Hello Matt,
Thanks for responding.
I have Bank style set to "none," so it happens NOT when I hit the Bank "up" or "down" but the bottom row of buttons (1-5)to select the preset (it is set to Bank by 5).   Also, the confusing thing is that CC information for each preset is correct, showing nothing sent on the Echoplex channel.

The Rocktron guy claims that whenever I select a Preset button the information form all the Instant Access switches is sent at the same time, and that this is the source of my problem.  He also says there is no way to avoid this.   This doesn't make sense to me, but he claims that it is impossible to select a present button and send only the information programmed to that Preset if you want to have access to the Instant Access switches.  I am sincerely hoping this is not the case.  Otherwise I will have to investigate some of the other modes, like "Song" mode I suppose.

At any rate, I still have the same problem as before, but have since discovered that the Echoplex will only respond to the All Access Preset buttons strangely (which I DON'T want it to do) when it is in certain configurations.   I haven't figured it all out, but thus far I have determined that if I have overdubbed anything, or have cleared the loop with a long press I am in danger, but if the echoplex has never recorded anything, I am safe. 
So far I can avoid it most of the time by hitting a few extra button presses.  Or I end up hitting the undo button and getting unwanted sounds.  It still seems like there is something funky going on though, so let me know if you have any other ideas.

Thanks again for your help,