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Re: Mobius part 2

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> Surely you could create multiple files for each piece
> couldn't you?  Each one only dealing with the plug-ins
> needed for that tune?  In between songs open the new
> one?

Yes, I've done this, but the problem is that I don't really play any piece 
per se, but I improvize and I like to spontanouely pick plugins from a 
menu. In short, I need access to all my plugins at all times, and I want 
be able to stack or chain them in custom sequences on the fly...probably 
asking for too much.

Would be cool is a dynamic rack concept. On the left hand side of the 
I would have a rack "shell". On the right hand I would have my massive 
of VST plugins. Then one could drag and drop on the fly any of the plugins 
into the rack in any order, and also change the order by dragging and 
dropping, all in real time. That would be amazing.


> Mark
> --- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> One thing about EnergyXT that I think is a "bug" but
>> probably a undesireable
>> feature, is that the more VST plugins you load into
>> it, the more slugglish
>> it gets...even when they are not activiated. I find
>> that odd.  If I have 5
>> plugins on the screen, all not activated, it
>> responds quickly to button
>> presses, dragging the plugins around, etc. But if I
>> have 50 plugins on my
>> screen, which is what I have in Chainer, it gets
>> really slow.
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