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RE: EH SMM w/ Hazari

>>The main flaws in my opinion:
1. Bypass works globally (as you already mentioned) and only as hard
bypass (meaning no way to have echoes trail on while you play on top of

2. Two footswitches simply aren't enough. They should've gone for at
least three (and a connector for an expression pedal which could be
assigned to any function like with the DL4).<<

I wish I'd bought one of these while I was in the US last week. I still
have a few hundred bucks in cash if anyone wants to volunteer to mail me
one- in the UK, it will probably cost me a lot more, & I'd only be
buying it to investigate the potential for after-market mods.

unless it turns out to be great fun anyway. :-)

for instance, it must surely be possible to modify the bypass switching
so that one still hears the output of the delay & looper.... the unit's
input would be fed directly to the output jacks & not to the inputs of
the delay/looper circuitry. surely.

& adding expression pedals is simply a case of mounting some stereo jack
sockets so that an expression pedal replaces one of the onboard pots.
assuming that the pots are mono & around 50k impedance..... or one of
those bendy things that you work with a pedal that replaces the knob.

>>3. No individual dry/wet control.<<

my guitarist has more than enough delay pedals for this not to be a
problem. he's more likely to complain about the lack of midi sync.

>>4. Having to hold a button for recording/overdubbing.<<

so.... if you have already established the length of the loop, does this
switch allow you to drop in & out for tiny durations? like a
this could be fun. but again, wiring up a latching switch acoss the
existing one would probably fix this, or hooking up an extra switch
that's easier to keep depressed while playing, like a standard keyboard
sustain pedal.
agreed- EH could probably have though this through & added some sockets
themselves. but waddya want for $200? :-)

>>5. No real loop start/stop.<<

so once the loop's made, it keeps running until you erase it? does the
unit retain stuff when it's switched off?

my band uses a lexicon jamman (guitarist), DL4's (guitarist & me both),
EH16s reissue (drummer/keyboardist uses it for percussion-toy loops) &
repeater (me- for noises, keyboardy stuff, the odd bassline & a lot of
pre-prepared loops).
we also have a boss RC2 which is just filled with pre-prepared loops so
as to lay down some covering fire while I cue up the next loop in the
these days, the repeater is the master clock for the entire rig
(hardware sequencers x2, the jamman, midi clocked delays & so on).

sounds to me like this could be more fun than the EH16s for my