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Re: logistics nightmare?


Here's a somewhat simpleminded idea that might work:

Let us suppose that a largish room could be had some
where (not totally dissimilar to the place you played in
last week, but maybe a little more squarish in shape). 

4 performers could set up at one time in opposite 
corners of the performance space (with the audience 
in the middle) and each play his/her set in turn (with 
the audience turning their chairs to reorient themselves 
to each new "stage."

4 players at 40-45 minutes each without between-play
setup time could do a 3 hour concert. 

To do an all-day affair with 8 (or even 12 for a real 
marathon summit) just continue to do all the setups 
4-at-a-time (therby offering some longer intermissions 
for food and other requirements to the audience). 

An interesting by-product could be the possibility of a surround-sound 
"jam" to finish off each series of 
4 players.

This may strike some as totally lame...but hey, it's just 
an idea. Many communities around the area have these
"black Box" performance spaces (or at least a few fairly underused