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Re: mark......im a grandfather

well said michael. as annoying at times that some of theses posts may 
seem, they
are ultimately a nice break for chat hardly found else where. i weather at 
100 messages a day from this line to find the gems and am always thankful 
done so. i also go through this mail more times than not in my own silence 
of the
wee hours. i like to listen to the music submitted from this group when i 

loop on loop on loop on loop on loop on loop on loop on loop on loop on 
loop on
loop on loop on loop on loop on

jimmy george

Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> perhaps, im not wise.......but i find reading the posts on the list, 
>both on
> and off topic to be a nice enjoyable respite from practice, in fact
> yesterday, i came to the realization that i spend a considerable amount 
> time reading these missives in total silence with no music
> what-so-ever.......and i wondered why........what i think i came up with 
> the fact that i play so much and listen so hard that i need a break, 
>music is
> becoming like "work" to me, it almost occupies my every moment (this is 
> i think), but if all we talked about here was the inner workings of the 
> the wonders of the jam-man, the glory of the rang and God help me,
> midi-capability, i think i would go nuts...........yes, we do at times 
> carried away with silly stuff but i feel that we are self-policing 
>enough not
> to get too out of hand and we have the ever watchfull kim to keep us in
> line.........also, the delete button is only one click away........i 
>hate to
> say it, but in my "real" life there are not any "loopers" i can go to 
>the pub
> with and the wit and goofy ideas sometimes expressed here are most 
>welcome to
> me.........just tell me to shut-up and i will...........:)......michael