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Re: was - Unidentified subject! - now midipedal, playing seated , and more!!! now how much would you pay?

>  > i play seated and use my left leg for all access-ing...just sort of
>>  suspended in mid-air and the force of gravity on my leg allows for 
>quick and
>>  timely button presses with little effort.  however, there was a 
>>  used to it" period as the all access isn't nearly as easy to work with 
>>  the efc-7 for looping purposes where timing is the key.
>are you left handed?
>my left foot is even clumsier than my right foot.

well, all drumers use the clumsy foot to drive the HH, so that should 
be possible :-)

>i learned classical guitar technique from Charles Postlewaite, who
>had invented a 5 fingered right hand technique (using the pinky).

this is probably the point. I found that its important to use *the 
leg which does not support the guitar* for the rhythm tapping. Since 
my guitar sits on the right leg, I use the right foot for volume 
control, which is not a problem. Its big toe additionally activates 
the Overdub button (built into the volume pedal) which is a little 
trickyer, especially when I do Record-Overdub (which turns the 
Overdub press into a time defining one).

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