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Re: Intro/ zoom bfx 708 II (other options)

i'm not sure how these work w/ bass, but here are a few
options that i use (w/ guitar) (and if you're talking "inexpensive on 
a budget"):

1. dod d12 -i just saw one on harmony-central.com ads last week for 
85$. (i got mine new for 120$ back in '02 as new old stock, 12 sec of 
delay/sample time)
2. tascam porta 05--i went and bought a 5$ 20-sec recycling tape from 
radio shack and turned my old 4-tracker into a 4-track tape loop 
option. it's not perfect, but it works (especially the more you use 

when you ask other looping options and mention "inexpensive", there are a 
they are not perfect, but will help w/ looping (and i don't have 
personal experience w/ these):

1. new boss dd-6 (5 sec)
2. new boss dd-20 (is this the right #? i think it does 23 sec of delay 
3. digitech x-series delay (4 sec)
4. line 6 dl4 (14 sec of looping time)
5. boss loop station

all of the above are under 300$us. have their various +/-'s...
good luck!

>I am looking at getting into live looping- I have been playing around with
>software for quite a while that does some looping (not real time) and
>listening to a couple of artists who use looping in their work (eg. tim
>reynolds, steve lawson). I am a bass player and one of the 'budget' 
>I am looking at is the zoom bfx708 II- this is an effects box with a built
>in drum machine (not much use) and a sampler that samples to internal 
>or to smartmedia cards. Has anyone used this for looping live?
>Are their any alternative 'budget'options for loopers (under 300us)? I'm 
>being cheap, I live in south africa and the exchange rate makes anything
>musical a bit out of our reach.