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Re: Voice pitch shifters

i've had good results w/ my lexicon mpx100 (now defunct and
replaced w/ the mpx110). i did some weird voice processing w/ it
and i thought it worked quite well. it gives you the option of
pitch shift alone or pitchshift w/ delay or pitch shift w/ reverb.

i've read some reviews where people think it sounds digital or has
some lag, but then i think, well, it's digital, and i didn't notice
that much lag time really. it does only have a range of one octave up or 
it is definately clean sounding w/ no noise. i got mine new a yr ago
for 199$ (i've seen them used in the 100$ range), the 110 is 199$ new
now. i think it's decent, i'm sure it doesn't compare w/ higher end
lexicon stuff or eventide, etc... but works good on a limited budget
(which i have).

>At 1:38 AM -0700 5/3/03, Louie Angulo wrote:
>>has anybody experience with voice pitch shifters?I
>>am looking for a good one(not overpriced) to use
>  >live.