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Re: the meaning of loop music

At 07:41 AM 5/25/2003, Kelly Coyle wrote:
>But I don't think "loop music" and "jazz music" are the same type of 
>terms. "Loop music" and "guitar music" are, though: both describe the 
>tools used to make it as opposed to what it sounds like.

yes, that is exactly the way I see it.

I don't think the tools or instruments used define the style or genre of 
music. The idea of trying to establish "looping" as a genre seems strange 
to me, even misguided.

Similarly, I find "Looping Festival" to be like a "Trumpeting Festival", 
and not at all like "Jazz Festival" or "Bluegrass Festival". At a 
Trumpeting Festival you expect to find all of the performers playing 
trumpet. The main people interested in attending are other people who play 
trumpet, and so most of the audience also consists of trumpeters. It's a 
nice little clubby affair where trumpeters can talk with other trumpeters 
about trumpet playing, and listen to others playing their trumpets, and 
hopefully expand their trumpet playing. It's really more like a trumpet 
convention, and great fun for trumpeters. The style of music represented 
will vary all over the place, according to wherever trumpets get used.

People who don't play trumpet will not really find this interesting, as 
they mostly enjoy music according to their own stylistic preferences 
instead of the instruments used. If there were a "Jazz Festival" and all 
the groups happened to include a trumpet player, most jazz fans attending 
would not even notice the coincidence. They would be there because the 
enjoy the style of music called Jazz, and many people with no special 
interest in trumpets would show up. If the organizers instead decided to 
call it a "Trumpet Festival" due to the coincidence of trumpeters, the 
public interest would probably drop considerably and only trumpet playing 
members of the public would show up (possibly dragging their spouses 


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