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Time Lag Accumulator

Richard wrote,

> He played the resulting piece for the French radio engineer, who then 
up with the idea for the two-deck system that became the Time Lag

yes, this is also what Pauline Oliveros told me when we talked about that
topic a while ago. She said that the original idea for the loop with two
machines (Timelag Accumulator, later known as Frippertronics) came from 
engineer whose name she didn't remember.

What is a loop anyway? Maybe this has been said before: We should make a
clear distinction here ... the word 'loop' is used to describe 1) static,
closed tape loops which typically don't evolve (today we would say: 
or loops in the DJ sense), but also 2) open, evolving loops with continuous
input, like Terry Riley's system, based on tape echo units or two tape
recorders, later growing into analog and digital echo/loop machinery.

Of course, static tape loops are loops too in the most basic sense, but I'd
say that all of our talk about Loop music and Livelooping refers to the use
of the second, more complex kind of loops.

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