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Boomerang borrower

Andy has just lent me his Boomerang for a couple of weeks, and might 
actually part with it in exchange for equipment :)
I've been really impressed during my first tryout... It is again a 
looper that works in a way different to what I have tried so far (more 
simpler and more rapid to change loops than the DL4).

I am really getting into the way of thinking that the simpler the 
equipment, the greater the freedom of musical expression you are 
allowed. Its my personal philosophy which works for me, and I'm not 
trying to say that it is the same for everyone. I spent the entire last 
year trying to expand my project with Live and the Repeater and had 
nothing but stress.... My equipment gave me a very digital interface 
for an  analogue style of looping - it just did not work.

Over the past few weeks, my current setup has evolved into one DL4, two 
Echo Pro's and now the Boomerang (as well as a loaned filter factory 
and my filter pro)... It allows for so much flexibility and control 
over the loops - certainly much more than what was allowed with the 
Repeater combined with my playing style.

I imagine that I am going to be going in this direction in the future - 
multiple simple loopers - synced via the feet. A digital version of 
multiple tape echo units with the same control.... :)