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Any DK10 owners out there?

Percussive loopers, 

 I am wrapping up the first phase of creating a Windows hosted editor for
the KAT (aka AlternateMode) DK10. I have a version done that 
sysex dumps from the DK10. Capturing and sending the dumps is currently
done via an external application, such as MidiOx, but I am implementing
internal MIDI support in the next week or so. If anyone has a DK10 and 
like to try it out, and give me feedback, please do. It can currently be
found at: www.musetrap.com/dk10editor, and I will keep that location 
with the latest revs... On a recent visit to the alternatemode website I
realized that I do not have the latest firmware (which is 1.8, while I 
I have 1.4), and the newer versions seems to have a few more features, and
probably more data in the patch dump. I'm in contact with alternatemode
about this, and hopefully will have all the info I need to support the 
firmware versions soon (although my initial work has been done via reverse
engineering the patch dump)...

 I also own a drumKAT EZ, which I am going to develop an editor for, but
alternatemode has managed to loose all of the pertinent tech info on this
discontinued device, and so I have a long trek ahead of me in decoding the
patch dump... :)