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Re: sync problems with multiple loops (Echoplex)

At 07:26 AM 10/10/2004, Mark Heinrich wrote:
>I've been syncing my Echoplex (slave) to my Alesis SR16 drumcomputer
>(master) and with a single loop it works like a charm. But as soon as I 
>more than one loop with the Next Loop function, problems start. Even 
>the Next Switch parameter is set to Loop and the loops are recorded just
>fine, when I make a transition from loop 1 to loop 2 with the Next Loop
>function, the sync may become offset.

Hi Mark-

You didn't explain your parameter settings, but I'll guess that you are 
using AutoRecord? There is a known problem with AutoRecord and sync in 
has the issues you describe. Fortunately, there is an easy alternative way 
to do the same thing using the more advanced TimeCopy function. In fact, 
TimeCopy is really a superset of what AutoRecord does, so it is probably 
the better option for recording multiple loops anyway. Plus it doesn't 
the offset problem.

This has been posted before. If you want the full details of how to use 
TimeCopy, try this link:



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