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Re: Strategies (was: Re: Improv loops (was Re: Upcoming gig)

>But in a shorter perspective - like the last five to ten minutes 
>before you will perform - it may be a good thing to fool around a 
>little with the instrument without actually playing anything. Just 
>letting your body melt into the instrument while emptying/focusing 
>your mind.
>I'm very interested in mental attitudes concerning performing and 
>practicing, since it seems to play a very big part for what comes 
>out as music. I would be delighted to read what others think and 
>what you are using for tricks to get it right.
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen

This is interesting to me as well. Most of the time I am a bass 
player, so it's obvious to me how to get warmed up, practice, be 
prepared, etc. When I do looping, being a bass player is almost 
irrelevant, as the electronics become the instrument, so it's a 
completely different mindset. The fact that the sound may originate 
from a bass is not part of the equation and certainly all my bass 
skills have little to do with the music being made. In fact, if the 
sound is recognizable as a bass, I feel that I have failed somewhat.

I am curious how many of us use looping as a way of playing more 
"conventional" music and how many of us are making the beeps and 


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO
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