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Re: Strategies (was: Re: Improv loops (was Re: Upcoming gig)

On Jun 14, 2005, at 23:57, Edwin Hurwitz wrote:

> I am curious how many of us use looping as a way of playing more  
> "conventional" music and how many of us are making the beeps and  
> bloops?

I'm not sure that I correctly understand the (eventual?) difference  
between those two concepts, but I can try to answer for myself. I  
guess I usually do both when looping. As an improvising musician I  
have always tended to work a lot with melodies. That's something that  
others might like but I have always felt a bit alienated by the  
melodic side, maybe being afraid of the music to stand out as "too  
sweet". So to compensate that melodic side, that I seem not being  
able to escape, I have always put effort into developing an  
interesting tone; be it in physical instruments that I play or by  
plain programming of  electronics. "The beeps and bloops" is one way  
to create such an interesting tone. Does that qualify me as a player  
of "conventional" music? ;-)

To be a bit more general I must say that I like listening to music  
that appears to lack melodic elements. But I don't like listening to  
music that have no direction, no question and answer dialogue, no  
tension building up and no letting go of tension. I like to think  
that the difference between music and noise is that music does imply  
directions in movement, which noise doesn't. I like listening to  
noise as well, BTW. But I find it very difficult to play noise, there  
is always a melodic element creeping in to it. So, to use that flavor  
you have to call in the machines. Does that make me a beep' n blooper?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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